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4th of July Idaho Trip

4th of July Idaho Trip


Every year my parents take a trip to Idaho for the 4th of July to spend time with my my Aunt Nancy and Marsha and to celebrate the holiday. My aunts own a big house right on the golf course in Pocatello, ID, so theres plenty of room for the whole family to stay. Not only did we come up for a visit, but so did my sister, Lisa, and her husband, Scott, and their kids, Kade and Stella. Plus, everyone brought their dogs so we had five pups running around!


Before we moved to Colorado we lived in my parents guest house and Porter would get to play with my dad's dog, Rowdy, all day long. So this was the first time they were going to see each other since we moved to Colorado! They were so excited to finally be reunited and picked up right where they left off. And as you can see, Porter could not leave Rowdy alone. They were nonstop playing (and humping) the entire time we were there. 


Barley has always been an independent player, until he laid his eyes on Casey Jones and Amber, my Aunt's and sister's dogs. They got along so well and would run around chasing each other. It was so cute! All the dogs were having so much fun together. They were fetching balls, chasing each other, and running in and out of the doggy pools we had set up for them. For some reason, Barley did seem to have a problem with the neighbor's dog though, who he couldn't stop barking at. We couldn't tell if he was flirting with her or genuinely did not like her. Either way, it was pretty fun to see Barley's reaction to her because we had never seen him act like that towards another dog before!


Stella was so helpful with all of the dogs the whole time we were in Idaho! She is a natural-born dog trainer and caregiver. There were times when things seemed tense between some of the dogs, so we were really lucky to have Stella there to supervise and make sure everyone was getting along and was taken care of.


Before heading up to Idaho, we stocked up on some beers to enjoy while we were there and to share with family. My brother-in-law, Scott, lives in San Diego and is also a craft beer enthusiast. We brought beers from Colorado to bring up so our family could try what we've been drinking. We made a pit stop at Cerebral Brewing, Weldwerks Brewing and brought some other treats from recent trades. 


It was so nice to have time with family! We spent a lot of time outside, hanging out in the blow up pool, jumping on the neighbor's trampoline, barbecuing, drinking beer and playing fetch with the dogs. We celebrated 4th of July while we were there. We attended the Pocatello 4th of July Parade at the university and then came back to the house for Aunt Nancy's annual party. Once it got dark, we watched fireworks from the front yard and then went out back to light our own fireworks! While we were out front enjoying the show, my mom fell on Aunt Nancy's front steps and broke her wrist, banged up her knee, and broke one of her toes. She ended up going to the hospital late that night with my dad and got a temporary cast until she went back to California to see an orthopedic doctor. We were all so worried about her, but she's already healed now! 

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Our little family of four had so much fun in Idaho with our Graziano family! We are so thankful to Aunt Nancy and Aunt Marsha for opening up their home to us and all of the crazy dogs! We plan on continuing this tradition and spending every 4th of July in Pocatello, ID.

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